Jazz Mutt 2019

This is the fifth label in the Jazz Mutt series of beers. These beers are made to share with friends at our yearly trip to the Saratoga Springs Jazz Festival.

The saxaphone mutt is reused from the first label. The mutt is a combinations of simple shapes to create the silhouette. The background is a series of textures and filters.

There were four labels for this year - all the same except for the quotes:

"I finally quit drinking for good. Now, I drink for evil."
"The souls of men have been fed with indigestibles, but the soul could make use of beer." - Henry Miller
"Non-Drinker: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure." - Ambrose Bierce
"Blessed be the beer makers for they shall inebriate the earth." - Jazz Mutt

The "K&D" logo appears on all our beer labels. I created it based on an old photograph of Daine and I in front of one of Diane's quilts.

  • Title : Jazz Mutt 2019
  • Style : Salted caramel vanilla Porter
  • Main Font : Chalkduster
  • Medium : Graphic Design, Photoshop